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Second Chance Fund

Grants for animal care and control agencies to help animals victimized by violence

Download an application and begin the process today!
Second Chance Fund Application
(MS Word; 21KB)

Relieve yourself of that awful decision
When an animal has suffered the terror of violence, you are suddenly faced with an especially painful decision. Do you spend all that money on just one animal or put it towards programs that could help scores of animals? All too often finances dictate that decision.

You don’t have to make that kind of decision anymore. Through AHA’s Second Chance Fund, you can receive up to $500 to cover the veterinary expenses of an animal victim of criminal violence. Through this matching grant program, you can not only save the animal’s life, but gain valuable media exposure which educates your community about the prevalence of animal abuse and its tendency to escalate to human victims.

Grab your community’s attention (and their wallets)
When the Hamilton County SPCA in Cincinnati rescued Lucky the cat, he was barely alive. Suffering from second-degree burns over more than a third of his body (the result of a 19-year-old setting him on fire for amusement), Lucky required numerous treatments and skin-graft surgery—about $1,300 in medical and recuperative expenses. The Cincinnati shelter applied for a grant from AHA’s Second Chance Fund.

Because the Fund provides matching grants, the shelter made a public appeal for contributions. They took Lucky’s story to a local radio show and within 20 minutes of the announcement raised $630. In fact, the intense community interest in Lucky’s case led a television station to arrange weekly progress reports on the cat’s recuperation. As a result, contributions poured in for weeks.

Make those happy endings happen
Lucky is just one of the many animal victims who have received proper medical care, time to recuperate, and a loving home because of the Second Chance Fund. Others include—

  • Rocky, a five-month-old kitten who got his broken leg surgically repaired after a man hurled him into a rocky ditch
  • Kim, a boxer mix, who received life-saving surgery after being shot four times at point-blank range
  • Justice, a stray shepherd mix, who received emergency surgery and extensive recuperative medical care after being slashed with a machete, shot, and finally left for dead.

All of these animals got their second chance at life and loving homes, because the dedicated agency they were taken to wanted to see them survive, and found the financial aid to fulfill that wish through a Second Chance Fund grant.

To qualify for a grant
If your shelter receives an animal who was injured as a result of a violent act or intentional abuse, you may qualify for a Second Chance Fund grant. Fill out this application and send it to AHA, along with the other documentation listed. AHA will use your information to raise the national awareness of exactly how prevalent and severe violence toward animals has become.

You must show that:

  • you are an incorporated 501(c)3 charitable animal welfare agency or public (governmental) animal control agency
  • criminal violence caused the injuries (neglect cases don’t qualify)
  • medical help will ensure the animal a relatively pain-free, active future
  • officials are pursuing an investigation of the case
  • you can find the injured animal a responsible, loving home
  • local contributions will match AHA’s grant, including donations of in-kind contributions like transportation, medical supplies, or veterinary services

Download an application and begin the process today!
Second Chance Fund Application
(MS Word; 21KB)

For more information about the Second Chance Fund, contact Samantha Bradley at [email protected].

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