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Shelter Consultation and Evaluation Services

We can help. Whether it’s recommendations on renovations, working with the board and executive staff, or showing kennel technicians a new trick or two, AHA’s century of experience in working with animal shelters can help. We can visit your facilities, see firsthand your frustrations, and share with you possible solutions.

On-site visits allow us to spend quality time with you, your staff, and board—something a manual can’t do. We can see your day-to-day operations in progress, participate in resolving conflicts, work directly with your board, and help you discover—and overcome—the obstacles you’ve had to live with.

At AHA, we recognize the unique struggle each shelter faces in maintaining, or even achieving, a professional operation within a tight budget. That’s why we’ll tailor these inspections and evaluations to your needs, and our recommendations to your resources.

The following list is just a sample of the areas AHA can evaluate for your organization:

  • Shelter Operations
    Customer Service, Animal Intake Procedures, Adoption Programs, Adoption Support Programs, Physical Plant Review & Evaluation regarding current operations, Animal Health Protocols including health screening, vaccinations, and treatment protocols, Euthanasia Protocol and Decision Making, Disease Control and Cleaning Protocols, Troubleshooting, General Facility Cleaning and Maintenance, Feeding and Nutrition Programs, Animal Housing, Caging/Kenneling, Group Housing, Animal Behavioral Programs, Shelter Disaster Preparedness Plans, Recordkeeping, Large Animal Sheltering
  • New Shelter Planning & Construction
    Renovation or New Construction, Site Plans, Site Evaluation, Preparing for and Understanding Capital Campaigns, Feasibility Studies, Blueprint Review
  • Field Services
    Field Services, Animal Control Programs, Licensing and Ordinance Enforcement, Cruelty Investigations
  • Community Outreach
    Marketing, Humane Education, Volunteer Programs, Strategic Partnerships, Community Disaster Preparedness Plans, Community/Public Relations, Spay/Neuter Programs--for the public
  • Administration and Human Resources
    Organizing an Animal Welfare Agency, Resource Allocation, Human Resource Management, Employee Handbooks, Staffing Levels, Staff Recruitment and Retention, Wage Levels, Staff Stress Management, Staff Training, Board Development, Board Member Manuals, Conflict Management, Strategic Planning, Innovations in Animal Welfare Work

Our consultation and evaluation programs are designed to meet your needs. We work closely with agency staff to define what areas require review.


Shelters are complex organizations. Each individual program and department of your organization has an effect on the whole. Therefore, it is crucial that your AHA consultant or Evaluation Team have an understanding of your organization prior to their visit.

After working with shelter personnel to define the areas/programs to be evaluated, your AHA consultant or Evaluation Team will prepare a list of documents they will require prior to their visit. The documents may include such items as budgets, newsletters, financial statements, organizing documents (i.e., bylaws), operations manuals, employee handbooks, job descriptions, adoption agreements, and marketing materials.


After an initial discussion about your organization and your needs, AHA will submit a brief proposal for your review detailing the time and resources necessary to complete an evaluation or consultation.


AHA Shelter Evaluation and Consultation programs will be designed to meet your needs. Our services are flexible, from a one-day/one-person consultation on Board Development to a complete Organizational Review with a team of shelter professionals. We can put the resources of the American Humane Association to work for your organization.

For more information about AHA’s Shelter Consultation and Evaluation Services, contact Connie Howard at [email protected].

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