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  1. October is Going to the Dogs
  2. Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Dog

Adopt-A-Dog Month
October 2000

Tips for animal shelters on how to make Adopt-A-Dog Month a Success

  • Take photos of the dogs in settings outside the shelter; then post the photos next to their profile on the kennel. This gives each dog a personality outside of the shelter environment.
  • Hang a bulletin board in the lobby with pictures of each adopted dog or puppy and their new family.
  • Solicit local pet-supply businesses to donate dog and puppy supplies, including leashes, collars and treats to give away with each adoption during October.
  • Hold a best-ever dog toy contest with local schools. Be sure to provide guidelines for safe materials and construction ideas for kids.
  • Invite a local classroom to the shelter to decorate the dog room. Bright colors and fun drawings help to make a cheery environment for visitors looking to adopt.
  • Encourage visitors to spend time playing with each dog they’re interested in.
  • Hold a Dog Drive in your community during October; ask for items like dog toys, food and blankets and towels.
  • If your shelter has a website, promote dogs that are available for adoption. Also include information about your adoption policies and caring for a dog.
  • Help gather more information on the behavior of each adoptable dog. Assign staff members or volunteers to a specific dog. Rate the dog for ease of walking on a leash, commands known already, etc. Then post this positive information on the dog’s kennel.
  • Name each dog or puppy that enters the shelter, if they don’t already have a name. Names help give each dog more personality.
  • Help to calm the dogs in the kennel by shutting off the lights at scheduled times. This helps the animals relax.
  • Spritz natural oil essences like lavender diluted in water throughout the kennels several times each day. The pleasant scent helps to quiet the excited dogs.
  • Help promote Adopt-A-Dog Month through mobile adoptions, such as those at PETsMART’s Luv-A-Pet centers.
  • Have volunteers make inexpensive bandanas for dogs available for adoption. Decorate the bandanas with the dog’s name and other designs.
  • Encourage your local newspaper or television station to feature a different adoptable dog or puppy each day or week in October.
  • Teach staff to stuff Kongsã with peanut butter or biscuits. Interactive toys give the dogs great mental exercise.
  • Develop an educational program just about dogs and offer the program during the month.
  • Ask local veterinarians to give a discount on a dog-related service during the month.
  • Ask groomers to give a discount coupon during the month.
  • Play classical music in the kennels; it too helps calm dogs.
  • Ask the local scout troops to make homemade dog biscuits, package them cutely and sell them in honor of Adopt-A-Dog Month.
  • Host a Gone to the Dogs event. Make it either a pet fashion show where the attendees can even bring their dogs. Or, it can be a huge birthday party for all owners who don’t know their dog’s exact birthday. Anything that celebrates the bond that we share with our canine friends will make a perfect party theme!

For more information about Adopt-a-Dog Month activities, contact Courtney Green at [email protected].