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Looking for ways to help people become more aware of how to properly care for their companion animals? Want to have an educational flyer for holidays, the benefits of spaying and neutering, or litter box training? Our Reproducible Flyers cover a wide variety of topics. The flyers come in prepackaged sets. Each set contains short articles and illustrations that your shelter can copy and use as you wish. You can use them in your organization's publications or to make flyers and other educational materials. These Reproducible Documents are camera ready. All you do is add your group's name, address, phone numbers, logo or other information and have them photocopied or printed.

Pet Behavior Issues ($6.25) This packet contains flyers on 7 topics: Separation anxiety; Obedience training; Litter box training; Playing fetch; Games for cats; Why humane kenneling is OK; and Why punishment does not work;.

Pet Welfare Issues ($8.50) This packet contains 13 flyers on the following topics: Adopting adult dogs; Why neuter; Why spay; Dogs in open pickup beds; Adopting a pet for life; Pets in hot cars; Pet ID tags; Pet loss; and Indoor cats.

Pet Welfare Issues Too ($8.50) This packet contains 14 flyers on the following topics: Reducing risk of rabies; Preventing dog bites; Dissection in the classroom; the therapeutic value of pets; Babies and pets; Pregnant women and toxoplasmosis; Humane Society or Animal Control, how to get involved; Why not fur, How fast cats reproduce, and How fast dogs reproduce

Pet Care Issues ($6.25) This packet contains 8 flyers, topics include : Pets in fire safety plans; Importance of teaching a dog to come when called; bite-prevention; dangers of pets playing with string; Importance of walking the dog; Backyard dogs; Kennel Cough; Picking a puppy.

Pet Care Issues Too ($8.75 ) This packet contains 15 flyers, topics include: Tropical fish tanks; Disaster preparedness; Nail care; Geriatric pets; Neutering Quiz; Puppy-proofing the house; Kitten proofing the house; Pet safety in cars; Dangers of table scraps; Choosing a cat; When you move; Importance of Pet ID tags; You may be the perfect dog owner if you. . .;You may be the perfect cat owner if you . . .; Checking collar size routinely.

Seasonal Issues: ($6.25) This packet contains flyers on 7 topics Winterizing Your Pet; Winter care for Horses; Help Prevent Easter Cruelty; Hot weather dog care tips; Fourth of July; Halloween.

Seasonal Issues Too: ($8.00) This packet contains flyers on 12 topics – Be Kind to Animals Week; Pet care during cold weather; Pets as Presents; General warning about toxic plants; Keeping animals out of gardens; Growing greens for cats; Valentines Day; St. Patrick's Day; Creating a Butterfly Habitat; Attracting birds to your backyard; and Be Kind to Animals Week.

To order a set, just call 800-227-4645. If you have a credit card or purchase order, Fax your order to 303-792-5333.

Or - if you prefer to use your own artwork, you can download the text only files on these topics at our main website, we only ask that you credit American Humane Association for the text on the document you produce. [Note: The downloadable text will not be in a camera-ready format.] Click on and click on the "Pet Information Topics" drop-down menu that is located on the Animals section of the page. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on your selection.

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