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American Humane Association
AHA has been working to protect children and animals from abuse, neglect, and cruelty since the late 1800's--our central website shows you how! Visit this site for emergency animal relief news; legislative alerts; child abuse fact sheets, pet adoption, health and safety information; and, more!

Free Farmed Certification and Labeling Program
AHA recently launched the Free Farmed Certification Program, the first-ever program to certify that farm animals are raised in a humane manner.

American Humane Association--Film and TV Unit
AHA prevents mistreatment of animal actors by reviewing scripts and working with trainers and producers prior to production and by being present on sets when significant animal activity takes place.Check out our extensive database of movies reviews and ratings.

National Center on Family Group Decision Making

Family group decision making (FGDM) offers a new approach to working with families involved with the child welfare system. Families are engaged and empowered by child welfare agencies to make decisions and develop plans that protect and nurture their children from enduring further abuse and neglect.

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